Thursday, 15 September 2016

Calander art 2016

This week we were focusing on our Calander art nic showed us some of his older portraits. One was a portrait of nic but this was really messy and not very detailed. Then he showed us a second portrait this one was detailed and nice looking. So that is when we started our. Here is my final product and slide

Feedback/feedfoward I like how you add different ways to put non color. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Writing portfolio post

Description: this term we were put in writing groups we had elly,nic,and troy then we made a story from a video showing us how to make a tenis ball then we made a story about the tenis balls. we were not alouded to tell the readers that we were making a tenis ball... what opps i just told you. ok well you can read the story

Feedback:I like your story about how a customer gave you an idea.Next time you should write a longer description.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Et reo

Description: in Et reo we have been focusing on  whakatauki. Whakatauki means a inspiration or an idea. One of our whakatauki was this. He aha the mea nui o te ao. He tangata he tangata he tangata.  That meant what is the most important thing in the world  The people the people the people. We worked on this for about 3 weeks then we went on this second whakatauki was this. Nou te roro naku te roro ka ora I te iwi. That means with your basket and my basket we will eat. Here is some photos of what we are doing.
This is me

This is us 

Feedback/feedforawd I like how you took a photo of all of the people. I have no feedforawd.

Evaluation: We took 3 weeks to make these people.