Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Cloud writing

In 1802 a young man named Luke Howard stood infront of 70-100 scientists. A club full of scientists was a lot for Luke but this speech would change his and the naming of clouds. He was a meteorologist obsessed with clouds.

As a school boy he enjoyed looking out of the window staring at the pass of clouds. He wondered how they stayed afloat or they constantly changing but the most thing he enjoyed was when they formed into so many shapes . But as usual he never played attention to his class. So he got bad mark's.

Then when he growed up to 19 he started to name clouds what he liked and thought about them. Cirrus, tendrill or hair. Cumulus, heap or a pile and stratus layer or sheet but then he remembered when he was a school boy they always formed so he mad a recipe of clouds. Cirrus + cumulus = cirrocumulus. Cumulus + stratus = stratocumulus cirrus + stratus = cirrostratus and cirrus + stratus + cumulus = nimbus 

                                            if you did'nt get it here is the video