Wednesday, 23 September 2015


WALT: learning to organise information 

Moriori people first started in the Chatham island it is found off the coast of Christchurch heading to South America it is a tiny island with only 543 people on it. This is a man who did not fight against war in the 1800s on Chatham Island a few years later he killed his friends seals because they keep eating all the fish he caught 10 years later and he died from the chief because he escaped war.

I chose to do a model because you would know what he looked like 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Maths sample.

    WALT: add and subtract decimals and fractions

  In maths we have been learning to plus and minus decimals here is what we learnt. It's like plusing but with decimals we had to use this equipment to help learn decimals here is what they look like
The big ones are 1.0 and the little ones are 0.1 every day not Friday's though we have to work out questions like this let me show you how to figure out this. Make 5.7. First take five 1.0s so you have 5.0 and get seven 0.1s to get 0.7 plus 0.7 with 5.0 = 5.7 so there you have it. Now to and fractions to decimals 7/10 + 2.4 so tens are always 1.0 and the 7 is 0.7 so it is 1.7 plus them both together which equals 4.1