Sunday, 23 August 2015



WALT.  Keep a diary and write about what we are doing 

Today is the last day of planing because on Friday all of our class start our costumes i feel very excited and a bit nervous and I think the hard bits are the wings and helmet. Alex's idea Is about Eagles he's picked what feathers he wants they are the bald eagles feathers and wedged tail eagle feathers. My idea came from punk bird I found it by searching  punk bird wearable arts this is edward singing out now


this week is the last week of making our costumes because next week will be the production week. i finished my helmet,top,pants,wings and beak. all i need to do now is my talons. the thing i like the most is the pants because of all of the bugs and christmas decorations. the helmet is painted black and blue because black repasenst

My costume represents killing and blood. my beak is spray painted silver because it's sharp as a blade
My helmet is blue and black. Blue represents in the sky and outside but black is blood and death. My cape has blood strips and it has sky on it. My pants have animals and vines the animals are on my pants because they are hiding from me I also have talons sewed onto my top. Last but not lest my top it represents my feathers and in the trees