Sunday, 29 June 2014

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Cross Country

On Thursday morning we Strolled to Rss cross country at Skoglund park.First we had brunch and then we had a walk round the track so we could see how far is the track was. 

There was 2 ways and Vanessa said" ,R6 please don't go on the year 5.6 track because it is 2 kilometres & your one is 1 kilometre, "

When ebony said" ,year 3 boys, " I was nervous when I started the race. Would I come 1st or above 5th?

 When the horn beeped I bolted at the start but not to fast because Eli scuttled as fast as he could at the start And when he was at half of the track he Stopped at Half way so Jonty could beat Eli in the year 4 boys.

We crossed the bridge I had a tank left of air when I passed the bridge with William. When I turned the corner where the half cycle " ,It might rain said William, "and we were still running and we were near the corner where the stairs were and I said my last words. bye William and I zoomed away and found my friends which they are called Jayden and max. 

We went up the stairs and max zoomed away. Me and Jayden turned round the corner of the stairs and going straight. Max turned the corner and we just was behind him as he just turned the corner and we were 13 meters behind him. 

When we turned the corner he was 34 meters away. Crazy! And I  pasted Jayden when max turned the other corner he was so far away I could not see him And he was 68 meters away. SUPER CRAZY! "I could try to get above "  I said to myself.
When we turned the corner max slowed down. "There was my chance" I said to myself.w I started to get closer and closer and closer When I was 6 meters away from him Jayden came right next to me. 

Oh no! I said to myself I lost my target and Jayden was 87 cm away. That was where the finish line was max pasted the finish line when it started to rain. Then Jayden pasted the finish line and then me I was in 5th place. That was what I wanted. That was amazing i said to myself. 

My dad was next to my bag and then Stephen was packing up the track in the rain and David called 2 busies came and dad was with me under the shelter. I was so tired but finally the 2 busies came but I was looking forward to next year and no rain at the end of the race.